Vunzige Deuntjes Soundsystem

Zaterdag 6 juli @ Lamoral dj stage

Vunzige Deuntjes Soundsystem is a collective consisting of Jay Junior, Nayla, Nikki Adriana, Nicky Jane, Raynor Bruges and MC Panka. They will hit you with the dirtiest hip hop, R&B and dancehall tracks the scene has to offer. You probably already know them from their own events, Vunzige Deuntjes, which are, just like these guys, all over both Belgium and the Netherlands. The party sure is gonna be lit with these guys on stage!

Vunzige Deuntjes Soundsystem - Caribbean ft. Devarsity, Bamo & Ashi Farao

Vunzige Deuntjes SoundSystem Ft F1rstman & Joshua Khane