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Vrijdag 7 juli

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Merging a cringy persona with an idiosyncratic songwriting style and vocal sound, 24-year-old Belgian artist Arthur Boussiron conceptualised Jack Vamp as a way to contain his restlessness.

With The Castle of Creep as a reference to his inner demons, he gives shape to his imagination through a world of sound. Catchy and danceable, with versatile lyrics, mostly upbeat, sometimes on the downers, yet always with the intensity knob cranked up to 10. Strongly influenced by Prince, Bowie and Marvin Gaye, Jack Vamp delivers a ménage à trois of The Police, The Talking Heads and Ariel Pink.

With three noteworthy singles on their resume, Jack Vamp already caught the attention of Belgian radio stations Willy (Fabriek Belgique) & Studio Brussel (Bruut) appearing on air. Ever since they were given an artist in residence position at Muziekodroom, and played shows at Trix, Rock Herk, Booty Rave, Genk on Stage, AFF, Musikbunker,…

Jack Vamp is currently finalising his debut album that will be released in 2023.