Enzo Siffredi (UK)

Zaterdag 6 juli @ Lamoral dj stage

Creator and main man of Wired, Below The Belt & minimal kids, inspired and driven by the piano of Paolo Conte, Brasens’s guitar and Berlin’s underground, Enzo regards himself as an outsider.

His aim is not to adapt musically to a stereotype label or style but to remain innovative and experimental, precisely maintaining the distinctive sound that makes Enzo Siffredi so recognisable.

With an extended discography of over 150 tracks across dozens of labels and hundreds of compilations, Enzo scored a n.1 House track “Sometimes” on Defected in 2015 as well as receiving worldwide support and appreciation including a WMC nomination.

His “She Babao” anthem has gathered over 5 million plays online and countless features on documentaries, TV programs and series across the globe.

The list could go on and on about the top 100s, worldwide gigs and the success of his label Wired but what really matters is the passion and persistence Enzo has put into music over the years and his diverse and fun persona.

Defected Records / DFTD / Strictly Rhythm / Ministry of Sound / Suara / toolroom / Great Stuff / etage noir /  Nervous Records / MadTech / Flower Power / King Street Sound

Enzo Siffredi - She Babao

Enzo Siffredi - Beats for Love 2018